Practical Psychology Consultancy Ltd

Providing focused solutions to improve and enhance workers’ well-being performance, and productivity; as well as effective organisational functionality.

Practical Psychology Consultancy Ltd focuses on the evidence to support effective working within organisations, between and within teams, and for individuals. We advocate building a strategy that has at its core the development of your workforce, which when supported with the relevant structures, policies, practices, and interventions, will be able to realise its potential. We will achieve this for you through progressing a bespoke solution to address those safety, health and overall well-being issues, inclusive of mental health, which have arisen in your workplace.

As a team of experienced and regulated psychologists, and organisational consultants, we will work with you to address your work-relevant organisational concerns.

We will ensure that the solution we develop and propose adds value to your organisational practices and enhances your organisational climate, as well as your organisational culture.